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The day I used a graphics tablet liked o a computer for the first time, a whole world opened suddenly. Computer enthusiast since the age of ten, drawn by graphic arts, I noticed for the first time that the union of both activities finally became plausible. My enthusiasm grew up as soon as I could get into experiments. Blithely spanning genres, from the most naive figurative to the most sophisticated abstract form, I noticed happily that the computer refused nothing, that it was ready to follow me in my delusions, almost itself intoxicated to engage in art with me... Computer graphics are not new and I am not a pioneer. I simply have infront of me a tool with infinite possibilities that I use without a second thought to satiate my thirst for creation. I have not made the choice of a genre, not yet: if necessary, it will be binding on me, from within, as a reflection of what I want to see and produce.

The last century has freed art to give it its full range, without limitation of form or technique. In fact, there is much to explore and a high risk to be misled. The path I have chosen focuses on image, shapes and colors, on what has always been the essence of pictorial art. That's probably why I prefer the 'digital painting' expression compared to 'computer graphics' because my work is that of a painter even if my tool is a calculator. The 'digital' approach is revolutionary, firstly because of dematerialization of the artwork. The original work is untouchable, as a genetic code that traverses networks to finally bind to magnetic or optical media. Paradoxically, the untouchable work can touch the masses as it is infinitely reproducible.

But the real frontier with traditional painting is probably not here: Picasso, Da Vinci and others are also digitized, transmitted, copied while digital artworks may also lay on canvas using the latest printing techniques. The difference is less in the media that in the flexibility of the design process. Indeed no technique enables so many experiments, cancellations, corrections, splits, merges, transformations. In a sense, this kind of painting echoes the music known as 'electronic' which proceeds the same way for several years now. Although forgetting the past would be a mistake, the computer belongs to our times and today art cannot ignore it. Indeed these artworks are not digital, only the brushes are.


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